The Art of Cooking

As soon as I had access to a kitchen in which I could explore the art of cuisine, I was off to explore the joy of creating from my kitchen. As with all art forms, learning never ends and new combinations of foods, flavors, and designs are as plentiful as each new day.
I invite you to join me in this exploration, where science meets art, and we unfold an endless stream of delicacies, old and new. Please let me know if you tried one of these recipes and how it turned out for you.


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Our Family Recipes

A little background on some of the recipes we shared
Vegetable Souo

This is a basic recipe for homemade vegetable soup. Where baked goods are more of a science that needs exact measurements, soup is an open field for creativity. But whatever ingredients you add, the better the stock (broth) you start with, the better the soup.

Mary's LBI Crab Cakes

My mother-in-law used to make these every summer at the Jersey Shore (where crabs are caught!) They are absolutely the best crab cakes I have ever tasted. We all wanted her recipe, but she never measured anything..,just added the ingredients to taste. So one summer I followed her in the kitchen and measured everything she dumped in the bowl as she added it. These might not be “Mary’s Crab Cakes” but they sure are close!

Potato Leek Soup

My kids used to love having their friends over for this green soup because to a kid, it looks gross, but even to a kid, it tastes surprisingly delicious. Don’t let the ease of making this soup fool you…it tastes like you spent hours in the kitchen. You can either purée the soup or leave it chunky based on your time and preference.


Ghiradelli was the gold standard for brownies in our house and try as we may, we were never able to tweak our recipe to trump the standard of the Great Ghiradelli. But the youngest cook in our house just might have. These moist, rich chocolate brownies have just a hint of sea salt (like a chocolate covered pretzel crossed with a batch of brownies) She under cooks them but go forth at your own risk.

 Vegetable Souo
Mary's LBI Crab Cakes
Potato Leek Soup
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